Dr. Karsten Klotz

Lawyer | Bank Clerk
Born in 1971. Admitted to the bar in 2001.

Karsten is managing partner at Gronvald Rechtsanwälte. He co-founded the law firm in the year 2020 and heads the Berlin office. Previously, he was a lawyer in the law firm Leonhardt and Partner, which specializes in insolvency law, and a partner in the commercial law firm Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein.

His main areas of practice are in insolvency law and energy law. He works primarily for heat suppliers (district heating supply companies and energy contractors) in all matters relating to the generation and supply of heat. In insolvency law, he primarily represents and advises liquidators, but also those who are sued by them, especially in matters of contesting insolvency and directors’ liability.


Portrait Dr. Karsten Klotz

Assistant: Nathalie Härtl

Phone: +49 30 863 29 07 50
E-Mail: klotz@gronvald.de